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Accessible Accommodation

Hirvastupa, Peurapirtti and Huosiusjärvi rental huts are accessible to all, but they have no electricity. Out of the huts with electricity, Jatkonsalmi Pääpirtti is accessible to all.

The rental huts have a sauna, a jetty and a toilet or an outhouse toilet. The huts are equipped with ramps and the thresholds are accessible by wheelchair. However, it is advisable to have an assistant.

The Karhunkainalo Camping Ground, its service building and the rentable lakeside sauna are suitable for the wheelchair customers.

At the Seipiniemi programme services centre, the eating room, the jetty and the toilet are accessible to all, but the smoke sauna is not.

The cooking shelter and dry toilet at the Iikoski rest spot are suitable for the disabled. However, the changing room by the swimming area is not accessible by wheelchair.