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Accessible Fishing Spots

There are four jetties on the shore of Huosilampi Pond. From these jetties, wheelchair users can also fish for rainbow trout. The jetties are located along the section of the nature trail that is accessible to all.

There is a fishing jetty in front of the Lihapyörre lean-to shelter. From this jetty, you can try to catch fish from the shallow rapids of River Somerjoki. A trail, accessible to all, runs to the lean-to shelter.

Pitkä-Hoilua is a long, narrow lake, where you may catch brown trout, whitefish and perch. There is a parking area at the northern end of the lake. By the parking area, there is a dry toilet, a campfire site and a boat pier that are suitable for wheelchair users. You can also rent a boat for Lake Pitkä-Hoilua. They can be reserved at the visitor centre.

The rental huts of Jatkonsalmi, Huosiusjärvi, Hirvastupa and Peurapirtti have jetties from which wheelchair users can board a boat.