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The forests of Hossa invite you for a visit. Hossa National Park boasts four biking trails, marked with different colours. They run through the most handsome esker and lake scenery in Hossa. You can make your excursion more varied by combining different biking trails and using local roads.

In many places, the biking and hiking trails run along the same trails. Please be considerate to the others on the trail.

Remember the etiquette for mountain biking:

  • The trail and nature are meant for all people, and we are considerate to the others on the trail.
  • A controlled situational speed brings safety to everyone Cyclists, who are faster than hikers, are ready to give way to the others.
  • The right way of biking does not erode the terrain, and we keep to the existing trails and routes.
  • We avoid locking up our brakes and sensitive nature destinations.
  • We adhere to the rules of the area and the principles of litter-free hiking.
  • We are considerate to the residents, the landowners and those who maintain the trail.
  • We enjoy nature and remember our responsibilities.