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Fishing and Hunting

Hossa has been a fisherman’s paradise for thousands of years. Still in the early 20th century, the payments to the church by Hossa inhabitants were paid partly in whitefish.

There are dozens of remains of fixed traps, dams and guiding fences, dating back to the 19th century, in Lake Iso-Valkeainen and Lake Keski-Valkeainen.

The preserved fishing net sheds and fishing huts are also signs of Hossa’s long fishing tradition. The current Laukkujärvi Open Wilderness Hut was a fishing hut in the 1930s.

The trapping pits are a sign of Hossa’s long hunting tradition. Some of them are separate pits, while the others are systems that comprise several pits. The original diameter and depth of the trapping pits were usually a couple of metres. Today, they can be seen as slight depressions in the terrain between the ponds and the eskers.

Hunting with trapping pits has been carried out for thousands of years. It is known that hunting with trapping pits was still carried out in Suomussalmi at the end of the 19th century. The trapping pits in Hossa are probably older.