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Welcome to the Fishing Waters of Hossa!

The Hossa angling permit 5502 entitles you to fish in the Hossa National Park at Kirkasvetinen, Umpi-Valkeainen, Iso-Valkeainen, Keski-Valkeainen, Ala-Valkeainen and at Pitkä-Hoilua‒Kokalmus, as well as at rapids and flowing waters, and outside the national park at Huosiuslampi, Keihäslampi and River Hossanjoki. At the other waters of the national park, everyone has the right to go angling and ice fishing free of charge and those who have paid the fisheries management fee are entitled to go lure fishing at ponds and lakes.

There are natural whitefish and perch populations in the ponds and lakes of the national park. In addition, the waters of Umpi-Valkeainen and Iso-Valkeainen are managed by stocking them with small fry of brown trout and grayling. In many places, the water is crystal clear and the fish are shy, so fishing is not always easy. At these waters, it is practical to know about the behaviour and eating times of fish to be caught.

The River Hossanjoki is being stocked with brown trout. The most important catches in the other flowing waters are naturally reproducing grayling and, in places, brown trout.

There are two rainbow trout ponds: Huosiuslampi and Keihäslampi, which are stocked with catch-size rainbow trout. Huosiuslampi is also suitable for fishermen with limited mobility.

In the ponds and lakes which are located outside the Hossa National Park and which are managed by Metsähallitus, you are allowed to go angling and ice fishing free of charge and you are allowed to fish there with one rod, under the lure fishing right that is included in the fisheries management fee. Fishing in rapids and flowing waters and with more than one rod is possible with the North Ostrobothnia‒Kainuu angling permit 5411.