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Hakokosken hujaus Trail

On the Hakokosken hujaus Trail, you can enjoy the magnificent esker landscape. The trail takes you around Lake Syvä-Hoilua and onto Hakoharju Esker, the Hakokoski Rapids and the Torkonluikea Rapids.  Most sections of the trail are easy, but there are also a few steep ascents.

From the Hakokosken hujaus Trail, there are connections to the Huosiuksen huikonen Trail and to the Laukkujärven lenkki Trail.

Length: 5 km
Trail markings: yellow
Altitude difference: n. 30 m
Starting point: Huosivirta parking place
Services: Huosivirta campfire site, Hakokoski lean-to shelter, Torkonluikea campfire site