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Harjujen huikonen Biking Trail

The Harjujen huikonen Biking Trail is a good option for those who have some experience in mountain biking. There are ascents to eskers, but the most difficult sections are bypassed.

The biking trail starts from the visitor centre, and its direction is anti-clockwise. In the initial section, the first 300 metres run along a trail that is accessible to all.

The Harjujen huikonen Biking Trail goes along the Huosiuksen huikonen and Hakokosken hujaus Trails. The trail runs along the northern side of Huosilampi Pond and Huosiusjärvi Lake, and around Lake Syvä-Hoilua. The Torkonluikea shortcut shortens the trail by about 3 km.

Length: 9 km or 12,5 km
Trail markings: yellow
Altitude difference: about 30 m
Starting point: visitor centre
Direction: anti-clockwise
Services: Iikoski campfire site, Torkonluikea campfire site, Hakokoski leang-to shelter, Huosivirta campfire site