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Hossa Nature Trail

On the 3-km-long nature trail around Huosilampi Pond, you can explore the natural features of Hossa National Park.  It is like Hossa in a miniature size. Along the nature trail, you will learn about old-growth forests, mires, kettle holes, waterways, berries, reindeer and the human history in the Hossa area. Recommended direction: anticlockwise. A 500-metre-long section of the nature trail is also suitable for those using a wheelchair or a stroller.

The nature trail has connections to Lake Huosiusjärvi and to the paths in the village of Hossa. There is also a wheelchair trail to the Huosiusjärvi rental cabin (800 m).

Length: 3 km
Trail markings: cone signs
Altitude difference: about 29 m
Starting point: visitor centre
Services: Part of the nature trail is accessible to all. The Huosilampi campfire site and rain shelter, the large lean-to shelter by Huosilampi Pond, four angling jetties.