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Huosiuksen huikonen Trail

Handsome views open out from the Huosiuksen huikonen Trail towards Lake Huosiusjärvi. The trail that runs around the lake takes you to explore Huosiharju Esker, the Iikoski Rapids and the Torkonluikea Rapids. Most sections of the trail are level and easy to walk on, except for the more demanding esker sections. There is a connection from this trail to the nature trail, and further on to the visitor centre, the Huosiusjärvi rental cabin and to the Iikoski rental cabin.

A large part of the Huosiuksen huikonen Trail is also part of the Harjujen huikonen Biking Trail (marked with yellow).

The Huosiuksen huikonen Trail has a connection to the Hakokosken hujaus Trail.

Length: 8 km
Trail markings: yellow
Altitude difference: about 29 m
Starting point: Huosivirta parking place
Services: Huosivirta campfire site, Iikoski campfire site, Torkonluikea campfire site