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Karhunkainalo Camping Ground

Karhunkainalo Camping Ground, which is located close to the visitor centre, and its service building provide services for caravanners and campers. There are four rental cabins and a rentable lakeside sauna at the camping ground. The camping ground’s reception desk is at the visitor centre.

  • Service building (accessible to all)
    • Two cooking spaces, an eating area, two saunas (incl. showers), toilets, a laundry room
    • Suitable for the disabled
  • A rentable lakeside sauna (accessible to all)
    • Lounge and dressing space with a fireplace., steam room, showers, separate toilet.
    • Suitable for the disabled
    • Bookings at the Hossa Visitor Centre
  • Four cabins
    • Hunajatassu, Karhu, Mesikämmen and Metsänkuningas
    • Cabins with electricity and the other modern conveniences
    • No sauna, you can go bathing in the sauna located in the service building
    • The Karhu cabin is suitable for allergic people, as pets are not allowed there
    • Bookings at the Hossa Visitor Centre
  • Caravan spaces
    • 39 asphalt-surfaced caravan spaces with electricity
  • Spaces for pitching up a tent