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Lean-to Shelters and Campfire Sites


Besides the Karhunkainalo Camping Ground, you can also pitch a tent at the Jatkonjärvi camping site and at the Seipiniemi camping site.


  • A camping site, free of charge, on the shore of Lake Jatkonjärvi
  • Campfire sites, tables and benches, dry toilets, a recycling point


  • A reservable camping site on the shore of Lake Hossanjärvi
  • Space for about 60 people, suitable for large groups, such as Scout camps and camp schools
  • A well, wooden bases for tents, dry toilets, earth cellar, lean-to shelter, campfire site, cooking shelter (incl. a wood-burning cooker and a washing up table)
  • A programme services centre, including an eating room and a big smoke sauna that can heated up on pre-order

Lean-to Shelters and Campfire Sites

There are several lean-to shelters in the national park and in the surrounding areas. They provide shelter against rain, and you can eat meals and stay overnight at these lean-to shelters. There are campfire sites and chopped firewood next to each lean-to shelter. You are not allowed to pitch a tent by the Huosilampi lean-to shelter or by the Iikoski rest spot.