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Other Trails

Hossa Trail
This trail takes you from the Hossa National Park to the village of Hossa. The 5-km-long trail starts from the visitor centre.

Itäraja Summer Hiking Route
Hossa is also a starting point for the Itäraja Winter and Summer Hiking Routes. They run, close to the state border, 160 km to the south, all the way to Kuhmo.  Both of them are wilderness trails.

There is a 40-km-long connecting trail between the Hossa and Kylmäluoma Hiking Areas. This trail, which starts from the Värikallion kaarros Trail, is a wilderness trail.

There is also a trail from Hossa to Peranka. A 10-km-long connecting trail branches off from the Kukkuri Open Wilderness Hut, taking you to the Peranka crossroads on Kajaani‒Kuusamo Road.