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The forests of Hossa show northern features, and some of them look similar to forests in Lapland. Old pine forests have been naturally thinned by forest fires, and lichen and dwarf shrubs grow on them. There is a visible northern feature in Hossa: The Labrador tea also grows on dry land, as it gets enough light in the spacious forests. Bilberry thrives on drier places in Hossa than in the more southern areas. Hossa is also home to eastern species, such as the leatherleaf, which does not exist in the westernmost parts of Finland or in Scandinavia.

The feel of the north is increased by the wheezy sound of the brambling in spring. The willow grouse is also a northern species. Out of the waterfowl, black-throated divers at clear lakes and bean geese at remote ponds represent the wilderness species.

All of Finland’s large carnivores ‒ the brown bear, the wolf, the lynx and the wolverine ‒ are occasionally spotted in the area. However, they are seen only rarely, as they move long distances and avoid people. Reindeer are often seen in the area. Their grazing leaves marks in the vegetation.