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Värikallion kaarros Trail

This trail takes you to the most famous sight in Hossa. Thanks to the walking platform, you will be able to explore the historical Värikallio rock paintings at a distance of only a few metres. The trail goes from Lihapyörre, via Ala-Ölkky, to the Värikallio Cliffs, and then it returns, via Mieskallionvaara and Korkeakangas, to Lihapyörre.

Length: about 8 km
Trail markings: yellow
Altitude difference: about 50 m
Starting point: Lihapyörre parking place
Services: Lihapyörre lean-to shelter (accessible to all), Ala-Ölkky lean-to shelter, Värikallio lean-to shelter and campfire site
Sights: Värikallio rock paintings

Connecting trails:
Värikallio – Korkeakangas – Kokalmus
Värikallio – Ala-Ölkky – Julma-Ölkky